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Change our habits

1. Refuse

  • Do you really need another pair of shoes? There is no definitive scientific evidence that demonstrates running-related injuries occurring because of footwear features; your pair could still have some mileage left in them

  • Will you wear the race t-shirt? Decline those that are of poor quality and if the option is available, select Trees Not Tees

2. Reduce

  • Determine the various situations you made need the item/s for and select the options that are more versatile

  • Spend a little more money on quality products that are designed to last

  • Borrow specialised items that you may only require a handful of times

  • Wash less and/or use short cold-wash cycles


3. Reuse/Repurpose

  • Buy second-hand from friends or online, such as trademe

  • Re-purpose – a t-shirt could become a cleaning rag, trail shoes could become gardening shoes


4. Repair

  • Clothing can be repaired at a local clothing alterations outlet, shoes can be repaired at a local cobbler

  • Learn a new skill with glue, tape, and needle and thread

  • Buy from brands that offer extended warranties and repair services such as Macpac and Vivobarefoot


5. Donate

  • You might consider your item worn out but it doesn't necessarily mean it is worn out to someone else. Check this item against our checklist and if it meets our requirements, donate it to the Sports Gear Revived.

6. Recycle

7. Make Better Choices

  • Consume ethically such as organic cotton or from B-Corp companies such as Cotopaxi

  • Choose Kaitiaki Endurance Sports as your coaching platform - have a purpose to your training and competing

Image by Mojor Zhu
Image by Jack Church
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