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This community-based programme is delivered free of charge.

Whilst we do all the work, there are costs associated with collecting, storing and delivering. Any amount donated will go a long way to helping us help others.


  • Storage Unit 2x3m – $3,000 per annum

  • Travel - $2,500 per annum

  • Fuel - $1,500 per annum

  • Website hosting and domain - $250 per annum

  • Administration - $200 per annum


We guarantee that 100% of these funds are used solely for the delivery of this programme and associated administration costs, as listed above. No amount will ever be used as remuneration.


If you wish to make a direct deposit into our bank account, please ask for the details. We are proud to bank with New Zealand's only fossil-free bank!


For Kaitiaki Endurance Sports athletes, their full monthly membership fee is a donation to The Lentil Intervention, benefitting Sports Gear Revived.

Sports Gear Revived operates under The Lentil Intervention Incorporated, a New Zealand registered charity CC59096, the umbrella entity to Sports Gear Revived, Athletes for Nature and The Lentil Intervention Podcast. This means for those of you in New Zealand, you can claim tax credits for donations of $5 or more. Please request a receipt should you require one.

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